Treble viols

My most recent treble viol forms the third in a set of bass, tenor and treble – all with matching carving and decoration and based on the same outline.The treble viol was particularly successful with this design. The string length is 38 cm, back and ribs are of plum, fingerboard and tail piece are decorated with ebony and maple marquetry, and the pegs are of holly.

This next instrument, pictured below, is a treble viol after John Hoskins 1609. The original, now in the Shrine to Music Museum, was converted to a viola at some point during its life, however enough of it survives intact to enable a copy to be made. This instrument was made it with a 40 cm string length and a bent front, as in the original. The instrument pictured has a walnut fingerboard and tail piece, with laburnum pegs.