The following are links to other pages of interest. If you have a website that could have a link to here and vice versa, then please do contact me.

Ensembles and players

The following links will take you to websites of professional ensembles and players who use my instruments.

Trio Baryton de Madrid

The Dufay Collective
Medieval and Renaissance ensemble (UK).

Medieval and Renaissance ensemble (UK).

The Boston Camerata
Medieval ensemble (USA)

Medieval and Renaissance ensemble (USA).

Bardos Band
Medieval music & storytelling

Medieval duo (UK)

Other sites of interest

The Orpheon Foundation
Musuem of historical musical instruments from the 16th to the 18th Century. This is a great resource for those interested in old string instruments – well worth a browse!

The Orpheon Foundation (French version)

Arthur Robb Lutes
Arthur Robb was my teacher for a couple of years and has a great site with many interesting links (and beautiful instruments!)

Web Gallery of Art
A site I’ve found useful for paintings and illuminations of instruments.

Medieval Music and Arts Foundation
A usefull site for everything to do with early music.

Ensemble Arcimboldo
An ensemble that use Tromba Marinas – includes some very nice sound clips

Pamela Thorby
My recorder teacher from college and a very good friend – lots of nice CDs and pictures!